The Roaring Psychedelic Octopus to see off Moco

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We’ve had our own mini-break over at “Patch Towers” what with getting over end of season thrashings, having loads of stuff on and falling in love with the world of Panini again there just hasn’t been much time. No you’re never to old, and filling those albums remains the single-most relaxingly retro past-time in the world ever, probably. We’ve a new signing  Antolin Alcaraz or Toni Alcatraz or the “Trazmeister” to those of us that can rarely remember his name, who scandalously doesn’t feature  in the album. We, barring his kidnap or worse, are looking forward to checking out our new defender in Paraguay’s World Cup games. There was a national holiday declared in Paraguay just for qualifying you know.

Anyhow- What of our Headline? During the last couple of days some deeply upsetting news of an impending  Rock ‘n’ Roll hiatus has broken. Not that of Motley Crue, though devastating  that must’ve  been for their peroxide- stained fan in Bradford, nor that of The Killers, a slightly less welcome interuption, but that of Moco.

It seems growing older, starting families and having other projects on the go have brought Steve, Rigby, Nick, Simon and Lindsey to a place where discussions about the future must be had. 

Wigan’s Moco have been lighting up the local gig scene with the crazed antics of frontman Steve Jones and  their infectious brand of Garage Rock ‘n’ Roll for over ten  years now. For the the last four or five years they have drawn on the towns musical roots, infusing a good dose of Northern Soul influence, even a brass section at times, but as reported in articles by, The Wigan Evening Post and in the bands’ own Facebook posts, their time is up, sort of. An indefinite time away that shall, in our opinion,  leave us with a chasm of  Northern rock ‘n’ soul emptiness so wide even Jason Scotland could find the middle of it,  yeah that wide, only to be re-filled on their return.

We’ve been lucky enough to catch Moco in a variety of local venues, The Tudor, Club Nirvana, The Tavern, The Boulevard, some shed of a place in Leigh possibly called DeeJays as well as delighting bigger crowds at Haigh Hall Festival. There are, of course, many others who have seen them many more times in many other venues, and to be honest you’ll be lucky to find a better gig anywhere.

They received the accolade of NME single of the week back in 2002 for “Where She Goes”  had the backing of Clint Boon, XFM, Radio 1 and Elbow’s Guy Garvey, and nearly,very nearly bagged themselves a deal with the big boys. Mercury’s A & R people played it safe and southern and threw their cash Razorlight’s way instead (massive tut).

The band’s own wonderfully named Roaring Psychedelic Octopus night at The British Legion,  the black and white place near what was Gems, shall host their “farewell for a bit gig” tonight. Prepare to cry Uncle Joe’s flavoured tears as Wigan’s best Rock ‘n’ Roll band escape behind a murky cloud of black Octopus ink.

Expect : Singer Steve Jones’ own skeleton-less frame to take on that of the Octopus’ before being bounced around all four walls until black and blue.

Do Not Expect: A quiet game of Snooker in the games room.

Support comes from local singer-songwriter Chris Jameson and St Helens based Indie/dark SKA pedlars The Urchins.

Doors open at 8pm and the charge a meagre £3. Get yourself there, or get a lift. 

For a succinctly written Moco profile by Cath Aubergine of go here

For a taster of whats in store take a gander at the Miss Mantaray vid below.

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