The TNS Top 50 Latics players poll

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Earlier today, Emmerson Boyce happened to tweet that he had been voted the 48th best Crystal Palace player of all time. Always keen to adapt a good idea here at This Northern Soul, we thought we’d carry out a poll of our own.

The idea is simple. Just give us ten of your top Latics players. Top can mean favourite, best, most memorable or just certain players that are synonymous with your love of Latics, whether you’ve seen them play or not; whether they are one of our current Premier League stars or served Wigan Athletic in it’s formative years as non league FA Cup giant killers.

Let’s keep this going throughout the summer and get as many votes in as we can so that we can get a good cross section of Latics fans of all ages and we’lll announce the Top 50 in the run up to the start of the season.

Don’t let me influence or indulge you at all but for what it’s worth here’s my 10 to throw into the pot in no particular order (except the first one obviously):

Bobby Campbell
Andy Liddell
Nathan Ellington
Ali Al Habsi
David Lowe
Arjan De Zeeuw
John Butler
Jason Roberts
Roberto Martinez
Graeme Jones

It’s entirely up to you whether you do it instinctively or spend hours whittling down your shortlist but we want to hear from you so that we can get as many votes in as possible.

Send us your Top Ten Latics players in any of the following ways:

1. Add them on our forum here

2. Post them in the comments box below this article

3. Email them to us at

4. Post a comment on our Facebook page or under the story link

5. Tweet us @TNS_WAFC using the #Top50wafc hashtag

We’ll keep a running count and keep you up dated as we continue to celebrate the fantastic history and achievements of Wigan Athletic and the many great players and characters who have served our club over the years

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