The Wigan Athletic Room 101: D is for…..

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We have to call it Room 101 to dodge those swear filters but we also know it by the delightful name of The Emporium of Sh*te, with the latest instalment featuring the letter D, as Donervon Daniels looks on nervously.

Alan kicks us off with the veritable wet lettuce that was Chris “Bambi” Duffy, one of many of a whole cluster of terrible free transfers from Crewe signed by Kenny Swain at a time when we didn’t have a pot to pee in.

Looking for a big name to throw into the repugnant mixer? Well, they don’t come much bigger than Dalglish. Paul Dalglish in fact. Was it a crime for him to not be as good as his dad? Or was that the only reason he ever managed to become a professional footballer in the first place, because of his dad? It’s a moot point but there was that goal in the 6-1 against Stoke if you’re looking to excuse him I suppose.

Chris puts forward Noah Dicko, in his own words, purely to wind up @WeahsCousin and also because he was the only player ever to get injured by his own shorts away at Macclesfield in the FA Cup.

Noah Dicko, another in a long line of players who would have been an absolute world beater if only those silly idiots managing the club had ever decided to pick him. One can only speculate whether E will bring another one of these up…..

Our guest Greg Farrimond puts forward – controversially – a member of the current squad, old plasticine hips himself, Craig Davies, for his general ineffectiveness and suspect hamstrings.

Jimmy puts forward the fourth musketeer aka Daniele de Ridder whereas Ian nips in worth what could be a late winner in the form of Andy Delort who as I write is just about to change hands for 8 million pounds. Or maybe its’ Euros. Well they’re more or less the same nowadays anyway…….

Of course, as is the tradition, we subsequently put it to the public vote, with Paul Dalglish scandalously being excluded (Maybe his dad had put a word in?)

The final quartet were Chris Duffy, whom I evidently voted for – the mischevious inclusion of Noah Dicko, Andy Delort and Daniele de Ridder, and yet again in the goldfish style memory of those voting, it was he who played for us last – or indeed barely played for us in the case of this selfie loving Frenchman – who walked off with the illustrious prize.

And once more we are left with the question which gets debated every time we go through the Emporium of Sh*te: Is it really about players who were sh*te? Or players who were never played? Or couldn’t be bothered playing for us?

This one is set to run and run.



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