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Time for the latest instalment of our ‘celebration’, if indeed that is the right word, of those players who not only let the fans down, their fellow players down but most importantly they let themselves down whilst wearing the hallowed blue and white of Wigan Athletic.

Unfortunately, we don’t get off  to the best of starts as our latest guest Livesey gets confused and goes for Jean François Peron, even though we’re doing J and not P and we go off surnames.

The controversy continues once the serious nominations start with Ian plumping for Swedish international Andreas Johansson. Signed during our inaugural Premier League season, this was a player who was short on neither talent or attitude, he just didn’t quite fit in. Back in those days he was an ‘in the hole’ type forward  in those antiquated times when we played FOUR FOUR FKN TWO every week.

Chris goes for Dave Jones, another player who perhaps didn’t get the rub of the green but didn’t appear to be very good regardless, save for that fancy free kick routine he occasionally did.

Jimmy’s nomination was an ageing Joe Jakub, ex Chester defender, mainly for looking suave and Mediterranean with his tan ‘n’ tache combo but actually being a bit hopeless and past it by the time he got here. Shortly after, he begins a vigorous defence of Leigh Jenkinson due to his marvellous step overs as Alan seeks to shove him in Room 101.

There’s also Allan Johnson, who was actually quite good but in a team that was terrible. And Alan also throws Phil Jones into the mix. Remember him? Probably not.

Jimmy also throws in Reece James for being a bit of a disappointment despite looking like he’s sh** hot. Bit harsh given he’s been permanently injured.

As ever controversially, Alan throws in Graeme Jones, for being associated with Roberto Martinez and Gavin Johnson for hurling abuse at him once on a night out at Mirage (Alan not Roberto that is)

So we put the poll to the vote on the masses on twitter and the curse of the millennials struck once more.

If you’re seriously telling me that Andreas Johansson was a worse footballer than Joe Jakub, who looked more like a darts player then there really is no hope.

In reality it’s probably just a symptom of our younger fanbase, However we will plod along, on to K next month, which given some of the names already being bandied around promises to be a hotly contested  affair.

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