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We’ve had a veritable splurge of activity over on our Spreadshirt shop with three new t-shirt designs being released yesterday.  This batch take a break from the nostalgia of the last Bobby Campbell shirt and bring us into the world of eyetests, social media and Kirk Douglas.

Are you blue, or are you blind?
It’s easy innit, if you’re here then chances are that you’re a blue, and if you’re right thinking then you’re probably of the view that any one who isn’t can’t see straight (metaphorically of course).  So here’s the perfect eyetest for them.  Just get them to stand about 15 feet away from you whilst wearing this and you can probably prescribe lenses for them (WARNING – you will also need to be an optician to do this).

The phrase is also the title of a great Buletones song and you can take the release of this t-shirt as notice of me stepping up my one man campaign to have it adopted as the Latics pre-match anthem.

Well, I don’t, and that’s kind of the point, really.  Anyone who follows any number of Latics fans over on twitter will have come across this hashtag which points a finger of fun at those amongst us who are quite happy to put every failing of the club, and some more things beside at the door of our manager.

Or at least that’s where it started, these days it’s become a indication of anything that’s not quite how you might like it to be.  Don’t like the weather, missed the bus, your train is late #iblamerobertomartinez can help you blow off steam.

And now you can wear it on your chest to remind you.

I am Spartacus
Do I need to go other the scene in the film?  I think it’s famous enough not to, so you’ll have to google it if you don’t know where this phrase comes from.  Basically it’s the ultimate call to arms for collective responsibility and “do to one, do to all” sacrifice.   That sort of stand together mentality should come naturally to football fans (and frogs) but sometimes we all need a reminder.

And here’s yours.  Whether you like or not, Roberto is our manager and plan-b(obby) is our way so as far as the Romans are concerned we are Martinez.

Oh, and they look nice too.  Other colours and designs are available on the This Northern Shirt webstore.

Happy shopping.


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