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Upcycling.  I think that’s what Kirsty “aww int she nice even though she’s a mumsnet Tory girl” Allsop calls it when she gets someone to take a piece of old tat and turn it into something that makes you think “that’s a good idea, but where would I put it in our house?”.  Then again, is it DIY SOS where Nick Knowles storms in, emasculating the man of the house by finishing all those jobs that everyone but him knew he wasn’t capable of to start off with? 

Anyway, call it what you want, but we’re finally getting around to finishing the “This Northern Soul Latics Top 50” that we started last year and sort of petered out as life, work and talks of bigger and better projects distracted us from the job at hand.  Yes, it’s twelve months on, but we still believe that nothing has happened in the meantime that would substantially change the over 2,000 votes that Jimmy gathered, categorised and counted so after literally… some… requests to “pull your fingers out and let us know who were number one” we’ve decided to do, just that.

But before we do, we’ve decided to bring you up to speed with the 43 chart positions that we’d already got around to writing up.  Firstly because you’ve probably forgot, secondly because it’ll build some suspense and finally because it will give us time to scribe the final seven.  We’ll start republishing the articles tonight, running the countdown over the next couple of weeks or so with the aim of getting to top spot in time for you to argue the toss over it on your Christmas do.

So watch this space, and have fun pop pickers.

The TNS Top 50 was compiled last year and collected over 2,000 votes from Latics fans across a variety of platforms. There have been initial discussions with the club and other fan sites to turn this into a bigger survey and produce a book of the Top 100 Latics players next year with pen pictures written by fans


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