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Football programmes and in particular to “this northern soul” readers Latic’s match day programme, do you still purchase a copy every game you attend?

At £3 of your hard earned pennies what do you exactly get?

Quality print and photographs abound along with all the information you really need, WAFC do the basics very well indeed but it all seems bland and a tad corporate with a lot of adverts thrown in for good (bad) measure.

Obviously it is an official clap happy flag waving all is well in the world of Wigan Athletic publication and they cannot or dare upset The Premier League image for fear of a sponsorship backlash.

It’s easy to have rose tinted specs at years gone by programmes but back in 1965 when my interest in the game started they were still poor value for money.

If you have a “collection” have a quiet sit down and go back thro’ you’re prized literature and marvel at the kits of yesterday and some dodgy fashion statements.

If anything it will jog the grey cells of past legends along with “I was there” memories of giant killings, thrashings and outstanding displays of your team.

On that basis alone the programme is worth buying and keeping, it is an encyclopaedia of your supporting life, your history of you and your club.

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