Triple Scotts? Wolves preview

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Back to work this week and I ‘ve not really had chance to think to think about the Wolves game other than a vague intention to email my wolves supporting mate to get a deserved winding up over Latics ‘ chances. Of course I didn ‘t get around to it and now I ‘m left with the possibility of us getting beat and not being able to give it the “I told you so” on Monday. Ah well, we ‘ll just have to beat them eh?

This might actually turn out to be a bit of a watershed game for Latics, it ‘ll certainly be interesting to see how Bobby shapes his team after three weeks away from the Premier League, a couple of signings and a cup game that opened up new possibilities. Are you ready for the Scots invasion?

Guess one is the easy one. Gary Caldwell has been training with Latics since Wednesday and should be match fit from his time at Celtic. He ‘ll be in the squad and if Bobby thinks as much of him as he seems to then there ‘s a good chance he ‘ll be in the team. Boyce might get one more chance, but it looks like it ‘s back to providing solid cover at right and centre back for him. Let ‘s hope that Titus has worked out that @garycaldwell5 isn ‘t the real deal.

Guess two; well it ‘s anybody ‘s really. Does James McCarthy make the side and if so where does he play? Diame is likely to be fit and you ‘d expect him back in so it ‘s probably ahead of him and Thomas, a big responsibility for a 19 year old in his first start. A big gamble? Well it ‘s probably about time for a punt or two and if Bobby doesn ‘t feel like one then at least he knows he ‘s got another option on the bench.

A further option is Scott Sinclair, the loan man getting through the full ninety in the FA Cup and reportedly providing a well balanced attack alongside N ‘Zogbia and Rodallega. The match being away suggests that solidity and Scotland might win the day, but four goals can be a persuasive argument, so who knows.

The home game, all that time ago, has hopefully convinced everyone that it would be wrong to underestimate Wolves, but we ‘ve been through a lot since and it ‘s as good a chance as the team will get to prove that they ‘ve learnt a thing or two along the way. Most of all being that, until they ‘ve bucked their ideas up, games like these are relegation battles and call for character, steel and results.

And on that count, it ‘s the usual cliche. I really don ‘t have a clue and you feel that Latics are as likely to lose three-bout as they are to win by the same score. The opposition is less of a concern than their own mental state and application. Give Wolves a sniff of blood and, as we ‘ve found out already, they ‘re capable of ripping us to shreds. Keep their heads up and, as Hull found out, they can cause anyone problems.

I ‘d normally stay away from predictions in situations like this, but if you ‘re still here from the first paragraph you ‘ll understand why I ‘m breaking that tradition and you ‘ll understand why I ‘m going for a tight Wolves victory. Hopefully I won ‘t be needing the link to say “I told you so” come Monday and I’ll get it as horribly wrong as I did last time.

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