Another Promise That I’ll Never Live Up To

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I ‘ve actually gone against the grain and done the New Year resolution thing this January, but I ‘ve eschewed the traditional health, fitness and world peace options for something more selfish. This year I ‘m going to listen to more new music, rather than just getting it and listening to the same stuff I ‘ve been stuck on for years. I ‘m sick of using the phrase “yeah I got it, but haven ‘t listened to it yet” and then a few months later flicking through some tracks and despatching the album to a dusty shelf without really giving it time.

Probably not, but I may have missed a classic or two that way, but in any case I need to be better prepared the next time someone comes to me with a recommendation that I ‘ve decided isn ‘t worth my eartime.

To stop this being a completely self-centred activity (assuming that you don ‘t see slagging your mates ‘ music tastes off to much of an altruistic past-time) I ‘ve also decided that I ‘m going to share my thoughts on the tinny rattling and shouty jumping that passes through my walkman with you lucky people out in Latic land.

If I ‘d actually listened to anything new in 2009 then I ‘d have kicked things off with a albums of the year feature, but as it is, the first instalment is online now with the first of what hopefully will become a regular feature. It ‘ll no doubt be followed by other examples of inane drivel about my impeccable taste in music, but feel free to join in at any stage you feel inspired to.

If you think I ‘m talking rubbish at any stage, you ‘ll be wrong, but feel free to chip in through the comments below each article, on the message board or even by writing your own article. Remember, as much as it ‘s currently full of my witterings, this is your site and it ‘s here for you to get your thoughts over, not just about Latics but about anything that you think your fellow fans would, could or should be interested in.

Go for your guns and help us make 2010 as big year for [thas] not a patch on Harry Lyon as it ‘s going to be for Wigan Athletic.

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