Trotter in trap 2

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So we arrive at the letter T, and what a feisty encounter we have on our hands! .

Sean is first up and opts for Svetoslav Todorov. Something of a legend in Pompey when they got promoted, he never really recovered from a bad injury and is best remembered for missing a penalty at Blackburn.

Still in the early Premier League years, and who could forget when we finally signed a bona fide Brazilian?* (*excluding Mango Silva Vieira)

Unfortunately, Brazil isn’t best known for it’s centre halves and Emerson Thome spent most of him time here permanently injured or as 5th choice centre back. Lovely chap mind you.

Winding back a few years and Alan nominates Peter “the new Shearer” Thorne, or Sheila as he may also been known. He did go on to have a good career elsewhere but on loan for us he looked terrible.

Luke goes for James Tavernier, who falls into that category of apparently getting much better after he left, even though he was playing power division Scottish football for Rangers against the likes of Peterhead and Alloa. Oh and like all modern full backs, he couldn’t defend.

There was also a nomination for Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, another great hope from Scotland who did nowt apart from draw a wage and get injured.

Jimmy opts for Bolton’s player of the year,  the sweaty red faced ale can Andrew Taylor, a bad egg in a whole crate of bad eggs under Uwe Rosler.

Next up is Hendry Thomas, which was received harshly, much like one of his challenges. Somebody on twitter has taken umbrage by pointing out he was one of the top tacklers in the Premier League during his time here. Unfortunately, he was rarely tackling the ball. And if he was 25, I’m 19.

Ryan Tunnicliffe anyone? Another Man United alumni who was not only terrible for us once but both time he came on loan coupled with a supposed bad attitude.

And there’s your lot, a nice, convenient set of 8 to choose from. To the polls and heat one is won easily by Andrew Taylor, with Taylor-Sinclair in 2nd and the Thome/Thorne brothers languishing behind.

The second round sees Todorov beat Tunnicliffe with the other two again failing to capture many votes. I must have imagined how bad Hendry Thomas was.

As for the final, well it perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see Andrew Taylor trounce all comers. We tend to feel sorry for those players who find themselves in here because they were genuinely rubbish, but those who had talent and couldn’t be bothered applying it get all the ridicule they deserve. So in you go, you B***on b***ard.

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