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It is often stated by some football fanatics and most non-football lovers that there is too much football on television.

A better way to put it really is that there is too much mass media football on the box and not enough actual “footage” of games shown.

For all the benefit that Sky Sport’s has fetched to the armchair scene as well the wads and wads of cash it has handed over to the various football authorities it now has way to many “lights, bells & whistles” attached to the games.

Sky Sports News is a prime example, then the proliferation of preview programmes, the analysis of the game afterwards, the extended highlights, all these shows tend
to have more people talking than actual action.

I realise that the advertisers want as much high profile views as possible but do the powers that be not think we might be able to make up our own minds about the game that has just been shown?

I lot of the stuff that is broadcast is patronizing or just plain bland and not worth listening to, so instead why not show more of the game than talk glibly about it.

The incisive tactical awareness is severely lacking in most pundits in case they damage their lucrative CV’s by upsetting folk.

So too much football on television? no but let us have more what it is about than just gabbing on about it.




And while I’m at it what about the following ?

Now I am all for asking your boss for a wage increase if you are worth it, even to the extent of changing companies to get more money in the piggy bank.

However and I assume at least three to four people have to sanction it @ the BBC but how the hell did Alan Hansen get a contract for £40k a week?

Yes he was a good player, yes he speaks his mind … just and yes he does have quite a good knowledge of the game but £40k a week?

Hands up those who would do it for £40k a year?

Now I know average players are paid ludicrous amounts of money but to be a sofa snob when most blokes views in the pub are as valid as this canny Scot is beyond comprehension, £40k a week?

No wonder the BBC can’t bid for the major sporting events when the likes of the MotD team are paid this amount, also I assume the Walkers crisp lad will be on more and it does erk when Lawro would be something similar, no wonder they always look smug on the telly.

£40k a week ?

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