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Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

It started as a domestic, whereby the owners of a property, who claimed they cared about their dependents, promptly and suddenly plunged a knife into the victim’s back.

The victim was reeling, but fought back bravely from a critical condition, despite having one hand tied behind it’s back and crawled to the nearest official to ask for help. The official walked away, but not before twisting that knife even further into the victim’s bruised torso, which was still losing a lot of blood and energy by the day.

The victim has one last shot at life, despite everything stacked against them. They sell off their belongings to pay a skilled man a large man of money to fight on their behalf, just to give them a glimmer of hope that they can recover and get back to something close to a normal life in future.

Problem number one is that attempted murderer number one has fled, though there are questions as to whether he was even in the country in the first place. More likely, he found a willing perpetrator to commit the crime.

Problem number two is that the one good man has to convince the judge that the board of bad men, who took their job with good intentions but soon fell into line, actually perpetrated attempted murder number two, were in the wrong and need to show remorse to their actions.

The usual reward for showing remorse would be to reduce the punishment. But in this case, there is no punishment for the aggressors in the first place, they are the ones doing the punishing and are stonewalling any suggestion that their actions may have been a bit harsh on the victim.

Having two organisations trying to kill a harmless, well run football club, er I mean victim would be bad enough but there is a third party coming along to Friday’s court appeal.

A victim who has also suffered serious injuries at the hands of similar people over the years. Great news! Surely they know more than anyone what it is like to suffer in this way and will provide valuable evidence in support of the victim?

Well, no, they’re not actually. Attempted murderer number three is solely turning up to grab that knife and plunge it in a little deeper. They want to ensure that the victim is kicked out of its home, which it was safe and comfortable in before the assaults started, purely in order to ensure they feel a little bit better about themselves.

Their logic seems to be “well, there’s lot of murdering going on, and even though we were nearly killed ourselves in this way, well we need to turn up and make sure others get killed, because it leaves more room for us”.

Maybe they could even aid their victim’s demise by starting gossip on the side, implying that the victim owed money to people and got what was coming to them.

Their attitude is such that, who cares if that victim ends up homeless or even ceases to exist, so long as we are OK?

Surely all of the above is just a ridiculous situation that could never, ever happen in real life? Welcome to football, and indeed society in 2020.

A society which demonise victims, and kicks them when they are down. Even when good people can see it is wrong, they are powerless to stop it, and victims continue to get their lives destroyed and ravaged because it is either in the rules, or there are no rules to stop it.

The sad thing is that, there will be change after this. The perpetrators will show remorse and reform their ways at no cost or punishment to themselves.

Yet by then, it will be too late to save their victims, who lose their jobs, whose lives are devastated, who lose everything they have spent years building up, while they push pens and get their rubber stamps out, all because nobody saw a problem with the rules.

Let us not be victims, let us not feel sorry for ourselves, no matter how tempting it is to do so. Let us use this to define our future and drive us forward, even if we have to go backwards first.

Wigan Athletic must never die. We fight to the end.

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