Wayne Rooney gets to 50 England goals, Celebration or Derision?

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Sometimes records are never meant to be broken. As the person breaking the record, can never live up to the person they have succeeded.

The most recent tedious display from England in their 1-0 win over Norway, it’s for all to see that the apathy for the England International team had really set in, such a dismal World Cup in Brazil & this performance did nothing to help!

The crowd was the lowest at the new Wembley, indicating to the FA, that it’s going to be a long hard task to gain back the support of the nation.

But throughout this recent record low, the most recent of tournament failure, adding to the many others experienced in the last 10 years, has been a single player.

His name is Wayne Mark Rooney, a Manchester United player and now the Captain of his beloved England.

His goal against Norway to win the game 1-0, was his 41st goal for England.  It was a penalty; it was also 1 of just 2 shots on target the England team managed in 90 minutes against Norway.

The shots on goal statistic that has irked the England Manager, but again whether Roy Hodgson likes it or not, this has to be one of the many contributing factors towards the 49,819 empty seats at Wembley. Against the background of Apathy, less sexy opponents, the need to play at Wembley for many more years & poor tournament results for a decade.  I think you’ll find many people continue to be ‘irked‘.

As a reminder, Wayne actually scored his 41st goal, to become the 4th highest goal scorer in England International history.

Wayne is now behind just Jimmy Greaves (44 from 57), Gary Lineker (48 from 80) & Sir Bobby Charlton (49 from 106), for the record of the top England goal scorer. His 41 goals have come in 96 Internationals.

The reason for the article is simple, with Wayne being named England Captain; he’s a ‘shoe in’ for the forthcoming European Qualifiers against those said ‘less sexy’ teams.

So with teams like Switzerland, Estonia, San Marino, Slovenia and Lithuania.  It’s also more than likely; Wayne will hit his 50th International goal for England, finally surpassing Sir Bobby Charlton’s record.

Along with the 10 European qualifiers in the next year and planned friendlies against Scotland in November & Republic of Ireland in June next year, Wayne probably has 12 England matches in the next 12 months.

This is of course if he stays fit, the England results stay positive & Roy keeps his job, e.g. a new Manager doesn’t appoint a new England Captain, etc.

So looking at Wayne’s International goal scoring record, when will he achieve this?

His record is as follows for Qualifiers:

  • ECQ 02/03 – played 6 scored 2
  • WCQ 04/05 – played 7 scored 0
  • ECQ 06/07 – played 6 scored 2
  • WCQ 08/09 – played 9 scored 9
  • ECQ 10/11 – played 7 scored 3 &
  • WCQ 12/13 – played 6 scored 7

Against the teams he’ll be playing in the next 12 months:

  • Switzerland – played 3 scored 3
  • San Marino – played 2 scored 3
  • Slovenia – played 2 scored 0
  • Estonia – Never played against
  • Lithuania – Never played against
  • Scotland – played 1 scored 0
  • Republic of Ireland – Never played against

So looking at all these future matches, he has a European Qualifier away to San Marino, on Saturday the 5th September 2015. This will be the 11th of the 12 games mentioned. Looking at his last 3 Qualifiers, Wayne has hit 0.86 goals a game. So come the 11th game he should in theory hit his 9th goal and therefore his 50th England International Goal.

So how will this record be seen by his peers and the media?

In reality it should be celebrated, but I do have a fear like the initial first comment on this article, this record will be derided for Wayne.  As it’ll be against the background of his England team probably scraping 2nd in the qualifiers behind Switzerland & the Apathy still to be seen by the fans.

But of course time will tell, I do hope England performances & results pick up, so Wayne’s feat is acknowledged for what it is & he can live up to Sir Bobby. Okay he’ll beat Mr Charlton’s record; whose accolades include being Wigan’s Athletic’s Caretaker Manager in 1983 & winning the 1966 World Cup, but I’m sure Bobby won’t mind, if Wayne then lifts the European Championship in Paris on the 10th July 2016!


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