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It’s hard to succinctly put the choice words together to summarise my emotions following the events of last weekend. Ultimately, when attempting to select from all the erudite phrases bouncing around my fatigued cranium, I keep returning to the words of one Dora the Explorer: WE DID IT!!!

We did it in style as well. Yes, the title was only secured on the last day of the season but that just sent excitement levels through the roof, and full credit to Blackburn Rovers for pushing us all the way in what was quite a vitriolic rivalry at times. Yes, I’ll give them credit now. I’ve even decided to archive my hatchet job on them, retrieving all the snidey quotes they’ve said about us during the season. We’re dignified like that in the winner’s enclosure you see.

There’s not enough space here to credit all the individuals involved, but that’s fine as it has been one huge, phenomenal team effort. Cookie deserves huge credit for that of course: building harmony and team spirit in the dressing room is the perfect antidote to all the bad stuff knocking around football and without going all corporate speak on you, he is a great ‘people person’. 

Where next then? The Championship it would seem. With new owners arriving on a jet plane. Of whom we know little about so we are left to speculate. Comments put out there seem to suggest that they’re either billionaires about to turn us into the next Man City or a bunch of money laundering cowboys.

All we can ask (hope) is that there is continuity on and off the field. If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. We are in rude health as a football club at the minute, with a squad keen to prove itself and in my opinion, more than capable of at least getting to mid-table in the Championship, with one or two quality additions. With staff behind them who genuinely care, both on the playing and non-playing side.

Yet all that is to come. For the time being, let us all bask in the glory of a great season and another great weekend. Doncaster was perfect, just like with the title if we had won easily it perhaps wouldn’t have been the same. To have just one moment which typified our season: a sublime through ball from Powell to a man who simply doesn’t miss and an away end that simply erupted in celebration, whilst singing THAT song! 

The party in the park was also a great success, and a great initiative by the club who really are in touch with the community. To top it all off, comes the fantastic news that Paul Cook has been signed up for another four years. It will be tougher next year, we might have to rely on a siege mentality a little more rather than brute attacking power. It may be more about containment at times rather than the steam roller approach, but who better to lead us into it?

For now, let us savour the glory of being Champions and return after the break with the same positive outlook and togetherness that has served us well this year.

Article first published in the Wigan Evening Post’s 12th Man column on Friday 11th May 2018

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  1. From a Doncaster Rovers fan, Congratulations to the Wigan family; Paul Cook, players and fans. A well deserved award to add to your folklore. Rovers worked hard to make a good game. We are some distance behind you but progressing. So next time we meet it will be in the Championship unless you have made it to the Premier League. Congratulations again from Steve of the Lincoln Branch of the Rovers Supporters Club.

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