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Bloody rubbish Wiggin. What kind of a game do you call that? No goals in the last 10 minutes? You’ll have the early walkers buggerin’ off with a clear conscience if you carry on like that! I suppose it gave the old ticker a rest though. Mind you, that didn’t stop one or two of our more impatient & petulant followers getting into a tizz a few times after The Spireites had the audacity to pull one (just the one mind) back late on.
The first half probably had Latics playing as well as they have done all season. The defence looked solid, the midfield looked inventive and we always looked like scoring …….. Which we did. 3 times …. and with 3 very well taken goals. Power’s after 6 minutes was another one of his 25 yard crackers, superbly set up by Crackers himself. A period of general dominance – Chesterfield rarely troubled the defence, never mind Jussi – eventually led to another coolly taken goal, this time by Reece James. Rocking from going 2 down, another one followed immediately …….. It’s just that this time, it went to us! With the away defence demonstrating degrees of flummoxedness normally only shown by a Wigan defence with a 3-0 lead, Vuckic and Jacobs were almost falling over themselves to put the ball in the net, ably aided by a threaded through ball from the ever-improving Power (I think ….. I told you, I didn’t make notes !). 
3-0 and the team left the field at half time to a well deserved standing ovation. The only boos in the ground were aimed at the lad who bottled the chance of £250 for scoring from the half-way line after putting away a shot from the edge of the centre circle ……… Though to be fair, he had gone arse over tit when scoring from the penalty spot. £25 will get him a new pair of jeans from Matalan. 
To be honest, the second half was nowt to write home about. So I won’t. Not much anyway. Bar a few slip-ups, we never truly looked in danger of chucking this one away, though that didn’t stop some rather embarrassing panic driven yells of “sort it out Caldwell” from areas of the West. Pathetic. 
Everyone had a decent game. Jussi looked solid. Wabara did nothing fancy either when defending or going forward, but he looked comfortable doing both. James took his return chance well. Daniels looked thankful just to have the one job to do. Pearce & Morgan were rocks. Perkins did his usual mopping up – I can completely forgive his lack of attacking threat when he does such a good job doing what he does best. Vuckic did some lovely hold up play & should have had a hat-full of his own if he’d have been just a little more decisive. Jacobs was all over the place – in a good way. Hiwula didn’t make much of an impact, but was always mobile & was continually available. The 3 subs were competent – Davies in particular. But the biggest praise must surely go to motm Max Power. He can run all day, he can tackle, he can pass, he can score. He can be very good indeed, and if we manage to keep hold of him in this transfer window, I reckon he can help us get back to where we came from. 
Drama? It’s nice when we’re on the good side of the Eastenders duff-duff-duff drum finish, but after last Tuesday’s come-back by Sheffield, I’m quite happy to watch the equivalent of a bit of crap TV from now to the end of the season if it ends in us getting one of the end of season awards. Excitement is over-rated ! 

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