You Can’t Always Get What You Want

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You don’t always get what you wish for in football, however on Saturday it appeared that we got the exact opposite.

I can take losing a football match but losing to ‘them men’ in such a pitiful manner is inexcusable. All week Roberto had been talking up the importance of a local derby and what it means to the players and fans. Well, clearly, it meant very little to one of those parties if that woeful performance is anything to go by. Only Ali and Diame came out of the game with anything like a shred of credit.

Where do we go from here? Well, Newcastle, Fulham, Wolves, Blackburn and Sunderland are all beatable teams. Unfortunately unless there are major changes in selection, formation, tactics and attitude then we seem incapable of beating anyone. After the next five games, we will be a third of a way through the season ideally with 12-15 points but do we look like winning 2 or 3 of these games on current form? I doubt it.

Many fans have been divided over Roberto Martinez since day one and personally I have always supported him and understood what he is trying to do in the face of some pretty rabid criticism from the fans at times, whom despite their concerns still seem unable to offer forward a credible alternative.

But in a similar theme, it is becoming increasingly difficult to offer up any defence at the minute because his team cannot defend! And if we’re going to spend the first five minutes of the game giving the ball to the opposition in our own half and effectively giving them a 1-0 headstart, then it up to the manager to get them to do something differently. It’s time to start delivering Bob otherwise we’re only heading in one direction: the only positives we need right now are points!

Go on surprise us – starting with this weekend!

First published in the Wigan Evening Post 12th Man column on 19th October 2011

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