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Do you feel pleased with yourselves?  Well you should do, because, as far as supporting Latics goes, no victory is too small and when an initiative that started in the fanbase with and was whole heartedly backed by fans achieves something then it’s jolly well time to jump up and down and make it known.  And that’s where we are this morning, celebrating the fact that the fans’ campaign to have Springfield Park remembered in some part of our new home has seen the West Stand of the DW Stadium take on the name “The Springfield Stand”.



There’s bound to be more to say over the coming days as debate continues but for now it’s a big clap on the back to the  guys from Ye Olde Tree and Crown and ‘ere Wigin for getting the ball rolling and keeping the momentum going and a massive thank you to all the fans that backed the campaign.  It goes to show what we can achieve when we work together.


Not only has the campaign ensured Latics’ past home a place in its present home, it’s generated a new spurt of interest amongst fans.  Interest that can be sated through visits to:


Those with a strong constitution might also like to watch David Vincent’s video of the old girl in her final state of shambles:


NotapatchonTV also has other user submitted video memories of life at Springfield Park through the ages.


Again, pats on the back all round.  Well done.

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