2005/06 Review pt 2 – End of Season Report

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Ok, so it was a team effort but that doesn’t mean that all aspects of the team performed as well as it could. Nor does it mean that all of them did enough to give them a second chance in the Premier League, to progress the club will have to move on and some players will have to be replaced. Although this introduction has only just been written, the thoughts on the players were committed to hard drive immediately after the season closed. I tried to be honest and critical and that may mean I was too harsh at times, or maybe not. Feel free to disagree with my thoughts and I’m happy to discuss them if you want to get in touch, especially if you are willing to buy the ale. 

Keeping it tight
Mike Pollitt
I’ll start with Pollitt as he’s probably just edged it as first choice this season and what a season it’s been for him. He’s made some brilliant saves, had some excellent games, his performance at Highbury was as key to us getting to Cardiff as Roberts’ goal, but equally he’s cost us goals and not always looked 100% comfortable. For a first season at this level it’s been an excellent showing, but shouts for an England call up were overstepping the mark a little bit. 32 would perhaps be a write off for an outfield player, but for a keeper there’s still time to improve and I think Polly has shown enough to build on for next year, but he’ll need to make a step up to keep the shirt.
John Filan
Not for the first time in his career, Filan has been in the rare position (for a goalkeeper at least) of actually having to fight for his position. In all I think he lost out, it was a close run thing but a lack of speed and confidence in situations where authority was needed have been the Aussie’s downfall. Still a more than able second (or third) choice but the question is would he want to stay for that?
Gary Walsh
Looks good crossing balls during the warm up, but surely his playing contract is very much just in case, if we start the season with four keepers then he may hang up his boots.

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