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Otherwise known as Mudhutter Issue 41 and it’s now online and available to download for your Kindle / iPad / inferior tablet you got from Groupon for £49.99.


Simply click on the following link to buy the latest issue for just £1.49: http://www.mudhutter.co.uk/digital/item/84-mfe-41-digital-edition


The mag just about captures the euphoria of a trip to Wembley thanks to a few late substitutions but is still punctuated with resignation and concern about the dire Premier League situation we find ourselves in and the general malaise surrounding our hapless, hopeless and occasionally absolutely unplayable football team. So yes, if it’s a reflection of the football team you’re after them expect to see a magazine that is regularly underperforming, occasionally brilliant but mostly moody, surly and nonchalant while the rest of the world is screaming blue murder.

It’s not just about the football though. We’ve got comic book theme park nostalgia, musical youth revisited, the ubiquitous pie and chippy chat along with plenty of sideways reminiscing about Wigan life. From Lionel Messi to Italia ’90 and all your usual football columns and regular features all the way back to comment on the club’s recent and somewhat unexpected FA Cup run. 48 shiny, loving pages of it for the knock down price of £2.00.

If you are a traditional hand your money over at the counter type of guy or gal you can still buy this pile of gubbins from the following places:

Waterstones, Grand Arcade

Sparks News, Wallgate

Mesnes Road News

Brickmakers Arms, Woodhouse Lane

Programme Man on Robin Park

Or you can simply buy a print copy online here: http://www.mudhutsmedia.co.uk/emods/easyshop/easyshop.php?prod.68


We’ve got just eight left, no idea about the shops you’ll have to ask them!


If you want to download the current issue, indeed any back issue online (18 onwards) then please pay http://www.mudhutter.co.uk and join the digital revolution

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