A Perfect Hat-Trick #6 – Changing Man

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The best thing about being a Latics fan is how the club have developed a knack of lulling you into a false sense of finality before raising hopes, expectations and a few eyebrows with a revival that would compete with anything that happened to Lazarus.  The thing is that, when you’ve been through as many comebacks as Latics fans have, you sort to come to expect it, and that feeling of finality is never quite as final as it used to be.

Lazarus Saturday (it’s a real thing, google it) this year falls on 8th April and the eagle eyed amongst you will have already spotted that’s also the date that Rotherham roll into town.  A co-incidence?  Quite probably, and frankly I’m wasting my time even thinking about it, when there’s the pressing matter of tomorrow’s game to talk  about, through the medium of YouTube music videos…

Left foot: Uncertain Smile – The The

Another one for the eagle eyed, this song featured in Episode 17 of the podcast, which came out just before the Brentford game, pre-empting our only back-to-back league wins of the season.  As we started off on a Christian theme, it only seems right that we also call on whatever lucky omens we’ve got to increase our chances of getting three points tomorrow.  

The position is fairly similar, after a dismal run of form, we were heading into the Brentford game with an away win in the midlands to boost our confidence and, although we really, really wanted to believe things were on the turn, it was hard.  It’s going to be even harder this time given that the Brentford game was followed by a run of one win in eight (at a points per game average of 0.75, if you like that sort of thing) that was only ended on Tuesday.  


Right Foot: Bigmouth Strikes Again – Johnny Marr

And, of course, it was that run of form that pushed me into coming out of my shell on monday with an article that has copped me a fair bit of flack since.  Not least following Tuesday’s win.  But you know what?  I’d do it again, I’ve never been one to for positivity at all costs and as long as you can be constructive, logical and honest about your feelings well we’d be happy to give them space on the site too.

At the end of the day, the game is as much about opinions as it is anything else and it would be boring if we all agreed all the time in some kind of happy clappy echo chamber fuelled by club tracksuits, pints of carling in plastic cups and chicken balti pies.


Header: The Changingman – Paul Weller

Yeah, so forgive me if I’m not getting over excited about things.  It’ll take a bit more than a one-nil win at Birmingham to convince me that our current approach is going to increase the the prospect of us stringing a run of results together.  For whatever reason, it’s not something we’ve managed to do all season and I’m still fairly adamant that things have to change, one way or another, for us to pull ourselves out of the mire.

The signs were there with the introduction of Obertan and Gilbey to Tuesday’s starting line-up, but they seemed more about injuries and suspensions forcing the manager’s hand than a tactical shift.  It’ll be interesting, and potentially season defining, if the changes stick once other players become available again…


See you on the other side…


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