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As refereeing performances go, it wasn’t the best was it?

I mean, before we even start on the Charlie Hughes red that arguably never was. The referee had already missed a rugby tackle before the sending-off, on a Barnsley defender by Matt Smith instead handing a free kick to Latics instead.

Sadly the sending off completely changed the pattern of the game. Barnsley took the lead shortly afterwards and despite a fantastic rally from Latics in the second half it was always going to have a huge impact on the game.

With eleven men on the pitch I’m not sure that was a game we would have lost. It had all been us before Barnsley’s goal and indeed apart from a spell during the first half after we had conceded it was for most of the second half too.

There’s no point dwelling on Saturday, as unfair and and as frustrating as it was we need to look forward and with a trip to the seaside coming up

There’ll be over 2000 Wiganer’s traveling to the coast, it could well have been double that number but Blackpool have continued their perplexing policy of offering less tickets for away fans in favour of empty seats.

What the landlords and hoteliers in Blackpool must think of that. Even if a handful of our support stayed over and drank in Blackpool’s pubs it’s extra money in the town’s economy.

It’s a strange decision to say the least. Some Blackpool fans have said it was a club decision to assist home performances as large away crowds are often commonplace at Bloomfield Road.

If that is the case let’s hope a smaller away crowd means nowt come full time.

Blackpool’s form has been indifferent to say the least.

They’ve conceded eight goals in their last two games (three against Lincoln and five against Wolves in the cup) and haven’t scored since the opening day of the season.

Neil Critchley, who was strongly rumoured to be taking over us last season before the failed Toure project has returned to the club he’s had the most success with and will be expected to improve Blackpool’s fortunes.

From our point of view it’s an opportunity to get back on track and to carry on the great momentum we’ve had through August.

We’ve made great strides and thanks to the Phoenix deduction our points total doesn’t reflect how well we’ve started the season.

Any sort of result at Bloomfield Road is one to be celebrated. Let’s give those lads everything we’ve got from the terraces.

Sean Livesey

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