A Perfect Hat-Trick v2.0 #5 – Omens

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We’re supposed to do these regular things, but half the time we forget/can’t be bothered/have better things to do.  No more though.  2018 (or at least the first week of it) is going to see us making more of an effort to entertain you, Dear Reader.  Earlier today, Chris went out and spoke to John Neptune, a Bournemouth fan, off of Twitter in our first Sixy Talk of the year and now we’re back making tenuous links between goings on at Latics and some songs we’ve been listening too.  


Left Foot: MGMT – Hand it Over

If you’re one of those sorts that looks for omens then you’ll probably have noticed that the last time Wigan Athletic played Bournemouth was in the third round of the cup back in 2013.  The victors went on to win the cup, although they were struggling in the league.  It would be the perfect backstory for a televised game, if the first tie hadn’t been a bore draw followed up by a frozen Tuesday night replay that saw 237 Latics fans travel to the South Coast, a number we might struggle to get into the DW if The Cherries somehow manage to scrape a draw again!

Why this song you say?  Because MGMT’s newbie is a rather sedate track, which is how I expect tomorrow’s game to go what with it looking like being a reserve team run out. At the same time, it’s rather engaging which tomorrow’s game could be depending just how many reserves turn out for either side.  Finally, because the title has the potential to be a corny reference to my inability to let go of the crazy idea that one of these days will take back “our FA Cup” and ignoring the fact that all the stars seem aligned for Bournemouth to repeat our achievement this could be the year, Rodney.


Right Foot: The Vaccines – I Can’t Quit

Just as you’d be right to ask whether a football club can ever be the same once it’s won the FA Cup, you’d be excused for wondering whether an indie band can ever survive being on the FIFA Soundtrack?  It’s a good few years since The Vaccines wowed Americans and teenage gamers with their garage rock debut and their sound is a lot more polished these days.  

Unlike Latics, who’ve been looking a little rough around the edges in recent games.  Whether that’s enough for Paul Cook to “freshen things” up this afternoon is anyone’s guess.  He probably can’t win either way, unless of course we win, then again some will probably complain about the extra game and remind people that Latics got relegated the last time we knocked Bournemouth out of the cup.



Header: Moderate Rebels – When the Cost Has No Value

“I can’t quit” could equally have applied to the thought process we are wanting most of the Latics squad to be going through at the minute.  Although it looks like we’re about to do our first bit of business of the transfer window, the key to our continued success is probably keeping a few of our key players onboard. Powell and Grigg have already been linked and it can’t be too long before Dan Burn and others join them in the gossip columns.  

Whilst it’s true that every player has a price, we need to make sure we get full value for anyone who leaves, especially if it’s one of those three, because the cost may end up being promotion.  Which is where this happy little ditty comes in, I’ve no idea who Moderate Rebels are, or what any of their other songs are like (it’s been Christmas, I’ve been busy) but this has been getting plenty of airplay on 6-Music recently and it’s been stuck in my head so I thought I’d share the pleasure (or pain if you’re that way out).

Oh, and it also got bumped from the latest episode of the podcast, for… believe it or not… one of Jimmy’s selections.  You’ll have to listen to it to find out what it was.  You’ll find it at the bottom of the article.



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