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If you’re one of the 400-odd hardy souls who’ve braved the trip to the soul coast then welcome to you your handy post-match guide to the week on the Pie at Night.  For the rest of you, here’s something to fill and hour or so before you’re forced to get off the couch and do something productive with your day.  Either way, kick back, relax, put the latest podcast on and enjoy the reading…

We’re going to start off a little further back this time as no doubt you’ve all been busy over the last week or so and might have missed the hissy fits that followed Jimmy’s measured approach to reviewing the Boxing Day game against Shrewsbury.  They’re only a slight reprise of the fuss that hit twitter following the game, but they were enough to remind us of why we leave comments switched on for the site.

You can see for yourself here:

I’m sure you’ll allow us the bit of a break we had after that, but we welcomed the new year in with our usual aplomb and a visit to Wigan Central for a box of Quality Street, mixed up drinks orders and another podcast recording.  Our good mate John Coyne tried to convince us that we should have gone for Roses instead, but as they weren’t on offer in Home Bargains and milk chocolate is for kids, we didn’t pay him much attention.  

He also posed the interesting question of what were our podcast highlights of 2017, which we may well return to soon.

Anyway, episode 39 contains an unusual amount of football which will probably please and displease our listeners in equal measure.  You should already be listening, but if not, you can find the promo article here:

Things took a bit of a slide after that with Alan living up to his growing reputation of being a miserable so and so by getting some things off his chest that have been bugging him for the last few weeks.  His point is a valid one, there’s always room for improvement and well, we’ll let you read where he thinks that might be…

Given the lack of comments, either here or on social media, maybe his thoughts aren’t as controversial as the rest of us think they are.

Still, not everyone you meet on the internet is a grumpy old sod and Chris went out to meet our old mucker Andy Smith, who last appeared on the site 5 (FIVE) years ago as Latics started on their way to that day at Wembley.  The tables have definitely turned since that first article, so he’s in a more buoyant mood, but would he sacrifice his club’s Premier League place to get the old cup down at Dean Court?  Find out here…

On to the subject of the cup, we posed our followers the question of how Paul Cook should approach today and, although we messed the timing of the poll up, our fans’ feelings are clear.  Play a strong team, win, then go out on the town (and don’t sell Nick Powell).

Sean also turned his eye to the cup, transfers and accounting matters in his 12th Man Column.  As always, it was a good read, and looks so much better without all those adverts (sorry Kendo)…

Speaking of accounting, you might also have missed out on Jimmy’s analysis of some goings on at Companies House just before Christmas.  It made for interesting reading and plenty of speculation about what might be going on behind the scenes at the DW right now…

Of course, we were all busy watching the Merseyside Derby last night, Ian was no doubt cheering his boys on although I doubt he was as vociferous in his support as one Latics player and part time plasterer (allegedly) was on Twitter.  Given the potential sensitivities over the incident concerned, we’ll let you go and find the tweet yourself (if he’s not deleted it this morning).

On that front though, the half-time analysis, and Peter Reid’s, suit got Chris’ memory cells going…

Whilst you were all trying to lip-read, Alan tried to redeem himself from his grumpiness earlier in the week with a set of tenuously linked tracks and thoughts on Latics.  Nothing too controversial this time, but three decent songs to finish the week with.

And we’ll leave you with another song and some more FA Cup memories, but not before we remind you to listen to the podcast (and maybe buy a mug or t-shirt so we can keep on doing it).  




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