Age of Consent

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It’s been a while, it feels like ages, but the Pie at Night is back with a podcast recorded, cleverly, just before a game, just to make sure we end up looking like idiots. Ravaged by the three pronged evils of taking your kids to the game, man-flu and having to drive from Yorkshire, the three musketeers; Jimmy, Alan and Dylan try to whip up the spirits of the last time they recorded before a game, triple handedly securing Will Grigg’s last league goal and victory against Wolves.

Recorded at The Northern Beer Temple (whose drinking room is open again this week) we look back to United and Wednesday, forward to Fulham and make some predictions for last night that prove why bookies are rich whilst we have to copper together to enjoy the rather lovely Cloudwater DIPA that John has on offer at the moment.

Despite the, erm… healthy football quota, we also turn our attention to Twitter, sharp exits from pubs, famous short wearers and find out what Dylan’s been up to. All soundtracked by The Shipbuilders, New Order and the Omar Bogle song.

Episode 18 – No end product of the Pie at Night Podcast, is available now, via your favourite podcast app, on our Soundcloud page or via the player below.  Enjoy…

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