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It’s hard to believe that it’s 20 (TWENTY) years since we pipped Fulham to the ‘old’ Football League Third Division title, by virtue of Graeme Jones’s record 31 league goals in a season. (Whatever happened to him?)

[In most seasons we would have been runners-up, but a temporary rule change which saw goals scored take precedence over goal difference allowed us to finish above Fulham, who had the same number of points and actually a better goal difference.]

We’ve met Fulham a few times in-between as our rise up (and down) the leagues pretty much mirrored theirs, so we’re no strangers to Craven Cottage.

We caught up with Cottagers fan Becky (@georgiefulham) for a chat about all things Fulham ahead of the match tomorrow afternoon…



Wigan Athletic get a lot of nonsense about crowds and rugby league, but on twitter a lot of other clubs’ fans seem to love our lunatics. What’s your view on us / Wigan Athletic?

 A lot of us Fulham have a bit of a soft spot for Wigan from our third division promotion days (despite the whole title debacle and that game at the cottage). That was the first season any of my generation had ever seen Fulham have any kind of success and, while the history of how both our clubs ended up in that division is pretty disparate, it was kind of nice to see us both go on to rise up through the leagues then hold our own in the top flight. Especially coz it really upset everyone else that we only had 24 away fans between us and we were taking up the place of a proper club like Leeds.

I’m sure everyone answers this, and I find it a bit patronising when people say it about Fulham, but you are one of the best away days (wouldn’t go as far as that pandering banner the villa fans made for you but you know, you’re alright). Don’t think that’s so much because of you as a club, it’s just the town of Wigan. We’ve had some memorable trips and met some very friendly …erm… interesting people.

(I was gonna send a pic from one of our trips but got worried they could be a friend, family member or even one of you!)



It was recently said to me (by someone who shall remain nameless) “I was wondering the other day whether Norwich were the most Tory club going but no, it’s definitely Fulham.” and this list was cited as evidence. How would you like to counter that claim?

I wouldn’t like to counter it. Not bothered. What kind of sad k***head sits around worrying about who has the ‘toriest fans’?

(Who was it?)



I was in the National Football Museum in Manchester last Sunday afternoon and they’ve currently got Mr. Fayed’s Michael Jackson statue on display. Speaking of Mr. Fayed do you miss him? What’s the new owner, Shahid Khan like? He’s apparently worth $7bn, are Fulham fans expecting him to dig deep to fund a push at promotion?

I love Mo. For what he done for the club he is one of my favourite people in the world.  Some of our fans blame our recent downfall on his lack of investment and while I can understand their point of view it’s just impossible to not miss him. His whole chairmanship was just mental from Michael Jackson’s lap of the pitch against you lot through to David Hamilton on an elevated platform at the Europa league final singing Black Eyed Peas. Great times. What a man. 

Khan isn’t very popular; he deffo won’t be funding a push for promotion this season as the transfer window just shut and I don’t think we spent one penny! A lot of our supporters think Jokanovic is the best thing to happen to our club in recent years and that we will lose him because he isn’t being backed properly.



Fulham’s form can best be described as ‘inconsistent’, but you’re currently 10th and just 6 points off the final play-off spot. What would be considered success for you lot this season? Is finishing 6th achievable?

To be honest this season has already been a success compared to recent ones. Starting with clearing out a lot of proper shite (naming no names…) and building a pretty decent team that are, at times, a pleasure to watch. Last few seasons there has been an ongoing joke about who’d spent the least amount of time at the match; who had arrived latest, who had left earliest. This season people are actually staying for 90 mins and some of them even look like they are enjoying it.

So I guess success for me is play offs even if I don’t really think it’s still achievable…. I mean six points isn’t insurmountable is it but this is Fulham. I never get my expectations up for anything, ever. I know its small time but it is also important to me that we restore natural order and finish above Brentford. Oh, and win the FA Cup. 



We haven’t beaten you since 2005, and the results between us since then are littered with draws. I think most Fulham and Wigan Athletic fans would admit generally games between us are far from thrilling, how do you think the game will go tomorrow, and who in the Fulham team should we be worried about?

I half think you will win 3-0. Omar Bogle hat trick and a meltdown from our fans about the transfer window and us not taking a punt on him. However, if we are having a good day and Cairney, Mcdonald and Johansen are in their pomp, we will batter you.

0-0 then.



Finally, the important stuff, pies. For the Latics travelling down tomorrow where can we get the best pies, what’s your filling of choice, and how do you go about eating them? 

Maybe give Putney Pies a try (although it’s probably a bit ‘Tory’) – see: here.

If you are stopping over it becomes a club later in the evening so you can do your dancing.



Yer what? A pie shop that becomes a nightclub? 

I’m finding it hard to believe no one in Wigan has ever thought of this…

Why haven’t we got one of these?


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