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… another bid, another player who it looks like doesn’t even want to talk to us.  Whether we’ve bid 1.5, 2 or more millions for Norwich’s Damien Francis is irrelevant, it looks very much as if we’re being used as a bargaining tool to drag more money out of Portsmouth, or any other club that may be interested. 

The player himself has long hinted that if he left the Canaries he’d prefer to stay darn sarf and even Jewell isn’t convinced that the player is interested.  So why are we getting dragged in?  The energy would be better spent trying to convince Neil Warnock that he’s an idiot of the highest order, what do reckon it would take to change his mind?  I reckon if we offer to throw him a couple of strikers in (there must be some in the youth set up somewhere) he’ll snatch our hand off and probably even knock a million or so off what he wants for Jagielka. 

This fellow collects strikers like a school boy collects wristbands, I think I counted 14 in the first team squad they had listed in our programme last season, I know you need different options but that’s taking it too far, surely?

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