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Well after all the excitement, speculation and downright panic the transfer window slammed shut with less of a bang than a whimper. Fortunately we managed not to lose any more players but on the other hand we only gained one extra.
David Connolly’s signing came a little bit out of the blue (he was one of the few strikers we hadn’t been linked with over the summer), and at potentially £3 million seems a little on the steep side. It’s a bit like signing Graham Kavanagh last season, in that he’s one of the players I’ve always hated being in the opposition team, but there are going to be doubts over whether he can cut it at this level.

They talk about ducks being all action under the water yet all calm and serene above the surface; and we’re being asked to believe that the club was like that yesterday. Jewell was reported in meetings into the night and despite having ‘yes’ answers from clubs we failled to make even a loan signing. Now in the past I’ve put our inability to make signings, at least partially, down to the quality of our first team.

It’s quite clear that is no longer the case, prem players must fancy their chances of a regular place with us, and yet we struggle to get to the stage where a player is prepared to talk to us. The funny thing is that it’s probably down to the players that Jewell will be looking to replace to do the selling job that will make us a more attractive proposition come January.

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