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Everything Everything – Night and Day 17/10/2009

Sometimes something ‘s that good , that unique , that striking , you are compelled to take notice. Everything Everythings ‘ fascinating blend of catchy prog pop, lyrical surrealism and talented musicianship is one of those things.

Well known DJ and E.E admirer Dave Haslam had presented the Manchester based Four-piece earlier this year as part of the Manchester International Festival and tonight he recalls this venue a year ago. The 4 or 5 atendees he tells of have deservedly swelled.

The Night and Day Cafe is packed out. Hot, sweaty and packed out.

An intense anticipation has built and is soon replaced by a smug sense of “we are here” satisfaction. We didn ‘t have to wait long but were thanked for our patience as Bassist Jeremy announced “Here ‘s one ya know”. Jonathans ‘ frenetic falsetto delivers their 2nd single “Photoshop Handsome” to a gleeful reception and we ponder over lyrics such as “Foxhound frolic on the abattoir floor” and “I put a rainforest in an Oxo cube!” , I decide they ‘ve had a session watching re-runs of Vic Reeves ‘ Big Night Out.

Most recent release, the highly synthed MY KZ UR BF has had industry tongues wagging and nods every head the place, preceded by it’s B side, the soaring NASA is on your side.

Suffragette Suffragette finishes us off and that big “Riff” will be stuck with us for days.The nine song set also introduces new promise with “QWERTY finger” and “Even the Dogs”.

The band has a new Guitarist “Temple” already settled in and is currently touring the UK with a tour of Germany to follow.

Recent blogs tell us of some hard work in the studio and an eagerly awaited album in the making.

Cannot wait.


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