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Delphic – Club Academy, Manchester 22/10/2009

In 2006/7 Matt Cocksedge and Richard Boardman were attempting to live up to high expectations with Pop Indie outfit Snowfight In the City Centre. Bored with the scene , and wanting to write songs they wanted to write as opposed to songs that should be written ,they took synths and software down a basement, twiddled some knobs and emerged as electronic outfit Delphic.


Mid way through last year they, along with new singer James Cook and drummer Dan are showcased by Clint Boon on Channel M Music. Record company clamberings, two single releases and support slots with the likes of Bloc Party, The Streets as well as their influential uncles of Electronica, Orbital were to follow.


As well as emulating the music of the Hacienda, Delphic have brought to it their own big driving guitars and wrapped it up in a warm vocal and catchy melodies creating a live sound very much their own.


Dressed all in black and virtually banterless, no fuss Delphic make it all about the music and it’s lapped up by tonight’s enthusiastic crowd.
Sucked in and hypnotised, by the time we reach the Hot Chippy “Doubt” and their epic latest single “Momentary”, we ‘re already sold and heaven forbid Manchester is dancing again!


The euphoria continues with “Counterpoint”. Delphic ‘s 1st single release does exactly as Delphic do best… counterpoints, contrasting elements whirling around before falling in line for the greater good. The 45 minute set is emphatically ended with Red Lights and we ‘re left aching for more.


The ancient Greeks would visit the “Delphic Oracle” for prophetic opinion, now reaching bigger audiences , a Doves support slot in December and an Album release in January, she is no doubt predicting a big bright future for Delphic.




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