Sunday afternoon ramblings – sort of Fulham thoughts

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Well at my age it takes things a while to get going…

Birthday celebrations, general laziness and Guitar Hero prevented me from getting that across to you, but my thoughts on the Fulham match went along the lines of “didn’t Mark Schwarzer have a good game? … If only he’d missed one of those saves, we could have ended up with a very different result … Still never mind we played alright and didn’t lose”. You should be thankful, the unabridged version would have been more painful anyway and I could see myself getting around to singing Roy Hodgson’s praises, and that would never do.

There is a proper point there though. Wigan v Fulham has been one of the least inspiring fixtures on the football calendar since we joined the top flight and no wonder, it usually features two teams looking to not lose above all else and sod all this football lark. It got a bit lost under all the talk of attendances, but this one was different because both sides actually tried to play football.

It’s easy to fall for the idea of plan-Bobby, after all it speaks to those things us fans are supposed to be into, playing on the grass not in the air, endeavour over outcome. On paper it strikes the right balance between beauty and steel and, although it might not always come off on the pitch, it makes games like the Fulham one about ten times more watchable.

Which is a pity, because, of course, this game had the lowest attendance of ay top flight game, not ever but at least since lepers XI Played Pompeii FC in 79AD. Yes, it was the usual stuff and nonsense from the media as Latics got sniggered at, basically because Fulham only managed to motivate about 200 people to make the trip north on a cold, wet autumn afternoon when Chelsea-United was on in the pub back home.

You can hardly blame them, but they might have brought more if they ‘d handed out the birthday party invites that I sent them. Did I mention it was my birthday at all? If anyone forgot their party bag then they can contact the club who will tell you that they don’t know what you are on about before hanging up on you. We’re getting a balloon sculptor and a bouncy castle in next year.

I finished the evening in the welcoming arms, well armchairs, of the Tudor Inn and it ‘s moments like that which make me realise just how much my football life has changed over the last 5 years. It could just be age, or other responsibilities, but I ‘m sat round a table with people that I used to have a pint or several with, at least once a fortnight. The conversations now start with “so, what have you been up to”. Not so long ago we wouldn ‘t have had to ask that, because we ‘d have been up to it with them.

Getting old? Me? No! Has anyone seen my slippers and the zapper?

The cake photo was taken from – no it’s not mine, the name’s a co-incidence.

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