Beer can give energy

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I reckon the power brokers in all our British clubs should pack in all this modern namby pamby training, diet  and non-alcoholic methods and let the players have a few pies & a beer on a regular basis, you do wonder if all this attention to minute detail on players lifestyle is affecting their on-field performances.

Prohibition in football has been detrimental to the game, none of this being pushed off the ball by some weedy foreigner, blood and guts gung ho as they work off a mighty hangover, the opposition would never know what has hit them, that’s if they ever wake up from a bone crunching tackle.

Some of the greatest ever players enjoyed a tipple or three, Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, George Best & Harry Lyon, folklore hero’s at their respected clubs and they are just a small proportion of this stylish band of yesteryear.

Also they didn’t play on immaculate greens but had to plough thro’ inches of mud week in week out, so nothing wrong with the stamina of our hero’s nor was playing multiple cup replays until they had a winner, two games a week was the norm all way through an arduous season.

Plus but the mists of time might be blurring the grey cells but our cotton wool cosseted wimpies now have more injuries to little bones and muscles than ever before, I’m sure Queens College Hospital has had to come up with Latinesque names for all these new skeletal parts our loveys keep breaking..

Obviously this little piece does not have any facts or figures to back my beer goggle views but Confucius he say’s  BEER CAN GIVE ENERGY.

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