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I reckon it would be easier to break the Enigma Code than it would to understand the inner workings of the minds of our team. 2 nil down and still playing the ball beautifully across the back line.


If you asked anyone to predict the likely outcome from the Hull game on Saturday I reckon even the most negative Ticsmon would have said we should be coming away from the KC with at least a point….


Personally I fancied a hard fought 1-2 to the Tics…I knew it wouldn’t be easy, even when we triumphed 0-5 at their place last season it wasn’t what you would call easy, and neither should it be, but I used the following machinations to come to my prediction……


In Latics favour I computed the following data…….


  1. Latics, fifth year in the Prem, Hull going through their 2nd season syndrome.
  2. Latics just beaten Chelski 3-1, Hull just thumped 6-1 by Liverpool.
  3. Latics beat Hull home and away last season.
  4. Latics so called playing total football, Hull so called cloggers.
  5. Latics are a Lancashire team, Hull are a Yorkshire team (Red Rosers usually always overcome White Rosers don’t they?)  P.s. I know the Metropolitan border changes in the 70’s contrived to make the above geographically incorrect, but I’ll always be a Lancashire lad and no doubt the older ones on the other side of the Pennines feel they are not from Humberside.  


In Hulls favour I came up with these permutations……..


1.      Hull already seem to be fighting for Premiership survival, if you listen to the pundits, therefore they already have the siege mentality.

2.      They were at home.


Nope I can’t think of anymore apart from they have Jimmy Bullard in their dressing room, and his laundry trolley antics with under crackers on his head must be good for any teams moral.



So I figured if you fed all that information in, the most likely outcome must be a Latics win.


But I seemed to fall into the trap of over looking one important element in all this…..It’s Wigan Athletic we are talking about here!


As a chirpy cockney Alco once often said, “It’s a funny old game”. And indeed it is. It wouldn’t be worth watching if it always went the way it “should”. After all we shouldn’t have beaten Chelski.


But the nagging concern for me is the type of team which is beating us at the moment.  Loosing to Man U, Arsenal, Everton no problem….loosing to Wolves at home and Hull away not good, we cannot gift these teams points and then rely on getting the points back against the better teams.


The point for me is this, it’s all very well playing the ball around and keeping possession, but we are totally unable to get penetration and then make the ball stick in the last third of the pitch, especially it seems when we are playing one of the so called lesser teams, whose main aim is to close us down and be physical. To make this sort of tactic work you need players who can see and deliver pin point passes and then other players who can control the ball and then do summert with it themselves. I believe we have the required standard in goal, the back 4 and even the midfield but apart from Hugo, (who seems to have been pushed out to the wing lately), there is nobody else up front up to the required standard.


Scotland may have banged them in for Swansea, but for me he is neither skilful  enough nor strong enough to trouble the Premiership defences he is now coming up against. I know it’s early doors to be making this sort of statement about a player but I fear I may be right.


I really  hope Roberto has a summert up his sleeve in the striker department come January or I fear it won’t take very long for our Rivals to crack the code of how to beat us.








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