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Quick chat is no more. If you ‘ve been following proceedings on the messageboard then you ‘ll know why. But never mind eh, let ‘s see if we can do better as ‘Not a patch on…” brings you Tweetboard. It ‘s like a shoutbox, but better.

Look on the left hand side of the screen and unless you ‘re using an olde worlde web browser then you should see a little label that says “Tweets”. It may have a red number on it*. You see it? Click on it.

I dare you.

What you see is a list of posts to twitter that I ‘ve made ( ‘notapatchon ‘) and that other people have made using the text entry box at the top. Unlike on Twitter itself, replies to posts are grouped together so that you see who is saying what to who.

You want to play along? Well it ‘s simple. If you ‘ve already got a Twitter account then just type something into the box and click post, you ‘ll get a pop up screen that will ask you to log into your twitter account and hey presto, you ‘ve posted your chat to our tweetboard and to twitter.

If you haven ‘t got a twitter account then get one and do the same.

Why should you bother? Well this is our new version of quick chat, if you used to enjoy chatting along there then you will here as well. You ‘ll also have a quick way to post to twitter right here on the site.

You ‘ll also be doing your bit to spread the word. Each post that you send to twitter from the site will contain a short link back to us here. With any luck we ‘ll pick some new friends up along the way.

Have fun!

* the red number usually indicates the number of new posts since you last visited the site.

We promise you that it’s easier to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t have to rely on us to remind you when a new episode comes out.

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