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Ahhh Wigan.

I foolishly thought last months financial results may have provided some much needed context to a club still reeling from two financial disasters in as many years, clearly I was wrong.

The (internet) fan base reverted to type on Monday evening as we were DUN WI Maloney and Danson would be seeing THI NOOOO MOOOR.

Let’s get it right, Cambridge on the pitch was c*ap. After hoping for a reaction from the Burton match we didn’t get anything of the type.

From the first minute we looked lethargic and frankly not that interested.

Now anyone who’s watched football before will realise that 9 times out of 10 in a season like this. Where ours is all but finished this kind of thing can happen.

Footballers pysche’s are a complicated thing. Safety was all but secured against Blackpool.

Yes you want to finish the season as strongly as possible but half of that squad (whether right or wrong) know they won’t be here next season and for now it looks like they’re playing as such.

We as a club are strangers to this, certainly over the last two decades. There’s only one season that really sticks in my mind where we had nothing to play for.

If you think this season has fallen off a cliff may I point you in the direction of one Steve Bruce and his final few months at the club in 2008/09 before he left to join Sunderland and their North East branch of Harrods.

Latics won only three games in that second half of the season. Going on winless runs of eight and seven matches respectively and we still finished 11th.

This season we’ve done the hard yards and despite the poor losses we will most likely finish around 11th or 12th in the division.

In a season where we’ve had the world against us, is it really that bad ? Really?

It’s clear the lads need the season to end as much as we do, in my eyes it’s a season of job done for Shaun Maloney and the club. He was set a target of survival and he achieved it with over a month spare.

Does he deserve the daft abuse from the usual suspects who only appear when we lose? No of course he doesn’t, but this is the tale of modern day football.

It looks like we’ll be playing Stockport in League One next season.

I mention County as a month or so ago I was listening to post match on Radio Manchester, they had a Stockport fan call in who was adamant that Dave Challionor should be sacked because they had lost a game.

This shows that a large section of football supporters don’t actually have any idea how the game works.

Sean Livesey

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