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Most fans will only remember Cookie from his brief return to the club, on loan from Burnley the season before last. He didn’t really impress second time around but as a youngster he was the first player I remember suffering from what I now call the Peter Kennedy effect.

I don’t know what it was, but there was something unenviable about being our left-winger during this period. It was probably something to do with being player that had to run the popular side of Springfield Park in the second half. Whether because the first half had knocked out any optimism that fans may have had at kick off, that the pies really pissed people off or what; but the whinging buggers took whatever it was out on the nearest player.

Cookie wasn’t a bad player, in fact he was a damn good one, from leaving us until returning he always played at a higher level than Latics. His cultured left foot went on to serve both Norwich and Coventry at the highest level, without him ever becoming a big star.

I remember there being some regret about his leaving, but I’m not sure whether fans still remember him fondly. Time has a way of erasing either people’s good points or their faults. So some will remember the promising youngster of old; for others it will be the aging crock we got on loan, call me nostalgic but it’s the first for me.


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