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That’s what it’s all about, 17000 people, plenty of noise and ickle old Wigan battering Big, Bad, “champions of Europe”, Leeds into submission. what was already building up to be a decent occasion at the JJB was given the extra edge by Preston’s draw with Ipswich the night before.  A win and we’d be back to three points behind them.  The club with the most expensive fish tank in football and their 5,500 fans were just the backdrop to the start of our ‘run in’ at least as far as home games go, if I was in a cheeky mood I could say our last easy home game of the season.

Before the game I would have argued that the previous statement was a little unfair, Leeds, for all their problems, have some tidy players and a good defensive record.  I was expecting a decent game, Leeds couldn’t afford to come and defend and that always a good sign as far as Latics are concerned.  Come and try to play against us and we can take you to pieces, especially if you’re a team that might be believing your own hype.

On the day, it wasn’t even a contest.  Leeds showed up, but did nothing of real note, if we were to end up in the payoffs I think they’d be a team I’d fancy playing against.  The duke looked to have some form back, Roberts again was massive, the back four solid, Mahon and Bullard worked their socks off and in the second half Mahon got his head up and played some of the best stuff we’ve seen from him, even Teale turned up with his right head on. 

All the ingredients were there and everything fell into place for what, I have to agree with Jewell, has to be the best overall 90 minutes we’ve put in this season.  Hopefully this game was a sign of things to come, because we’ll need that sort of form to push on from here and guarantee promotion. 

The game definitely answered some questions, yes we do still want it, yes we’re still capable of being the best team in this division, yes Jackson and Breckin should be our first choice centre-halfs.  It also raised a few:

  • Is Shaun Derry an experiment to recreate the perfect 1970s footballer?  Built like a pub landlord, a grown out crop, sideburns that could house a colony of field mice, plenty of huff and puff but not much skill, can you see it yet?
  • Does Sean Gregan have especially small shirts made for him?  Could you imagine him in a Spurs or Wales shirt?  That Tony Butler weren’t exactly svelt either.
  • Where was the Swede?
  • Are you surprised that Wigan Athletic matchday TV ended up as a bit of a non event?
  • Do you know anyone who actually saw the prematch entertainment?
  • How can fans of any club that has Gregan playing for them have the cheek to call themselves ‘big’? 

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