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Wake up with a sinking feeling in my stomach, yes it wasn’t a nightmare we really have been relegated after 8 seasons of ups and downs the fat lady finally sang and we will be supporting a club plying its trade in the Championship next season.

Receive a myriad of texts from fellow fans a couple who had managed to get to The Emirates last night. No one can fault the effort but only Latics could go from winning the F.A.cup to relegation in three days.

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A quick five minute text break, read one from Sawdoctor saying a Sunderland fan at his work says our relegation was karma for Whelan calling for a minutes silence for Thatcher ignoring the fact that the majority of Latics fans hated her with a passion for what she did to this country. Based on t hat premise I can assume he is a socialist so no doubt his beloved Sunderland will go into liquidation next season for employing an openly fascist supporting manager.

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Pick up my Independent, look at the back page and se a photo of Robles and Ali with the former visibly distraught. Much is made of loan players not having ownership of the club that they are playing for. No one can criticise the commitment of Robles or Scharner and I cannot comment on Henriquez in what must be the most wasteful loan signing since Van Anholt.

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Do my match report and blog from yesterday, it was too raw to do it last night and this brings it all back. Make sure Planet Rock is on the radio to cheer me up. Looking at the league table our goals against is poor and oh so many of those were soft goals that a good defence shouldn’t concede.

One area that Bob has been found wanting over his tenure has been the defence, some of our defeats have been a joke and ironically this season we probably had the best defenders we have had in his time here but couldn’t get them on the pitch all together in Scharner, Alcaraz, Ramis and Figueroa.

Mood……….regretful     stress levels 30%


Over the last four years I have criticised Bob for his disrespecting the F.A.Cup and especially after I got home from the Notts County and Swindon away games but I have to say he was probably correct. Interestingly the two games that have probably cost us out P.L. status due to fatigue were the Swansea and Arsenal games both of which were re-arranged due to F.A.Cup ties.

Mood….chastened     Stress levels 30%


Watch an interview with DW on SSN (one where he doesn’t mention his broken leg at Wembley) , talks about meeting with Bob on Monday who will let him know what his plans are. My money is on him leaving as he has taken us as far as he can ( unless you count league one) but I think he will go back to Spain.

The championship is too physical and direct in my opinion for his style to survive. Swansea drew a lot more than they won under him and his style of play would suit the Spanish game. Looks like a job may be coming up at Malaga, hmm I wonder?

Moon ………………………pondering   Stress levels 20% 

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