Critical two week blog, day 16 the final blog

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Well its not turned out to be as critical as hoped as the Arsenal defeat signalled the end of our premier league tenure thereby removing the stress and tension that has been associated with last day of the season escapes.

For both the Sheff Utd and Stoke games I couldn’t sleep the night before and was out walking the dog at 5am running into many other Latics fans doing the same thing.

Today a lie in till 8am no knaw of adrenaline in the stomach, no anticipation building up to setting off for the game and of course no coming home to a house bedecked in blue and white either.

Mood…………………..strangely calm                         stress levels zero


Get back from Church, a strangely subdued morning in direct contrast to last Sundays when the whole congregation was almost evangelical in its excitement over Latics magnificent F.A.Cup win.

Mood……………….. contemplative                             stress levels zero


Look around the net, people still divided on whether Bob will stay or go, some say he should stay others say he should go. In the end we will know soon enough as his meeting is due with Whelan tomorrow night.

Reports that Everton have called a press conference for Tuesday to announce a new manager have led some to conclude this is Bob and whilst I have no information one way or the other I have also heard that Klinnsman is taking over at Goodison.

Mood……………….. undecided                           stress levels 205


Look around the transfer rumours, Talk sport seems to link every one of our players with a move away and worryingly they may not be far off the mark. Looking at our squad the majority would do a good job with a lower reach Premier League club with the odd one such as McCarthy deserving of a place in one of the top four sides.

Mood……………….. amused                             stress levels 10%


Read that Lawrenson thinks we wont come back up and as a darksider I have to say that for probably the first time I agree with him. With potentially 13-14 new faces coming in, a europa league campaign its a big ask to gel everyone together whoever the manger is and I am predicting a mid table finish.

Whether Mr Whelan will continue to fund us after the first big parachute payment is another question. No one can question his commitment to the club but he isn’t getting any younger and you have to wonder how much longer he will continue for and who will take over when he does decide to call it a day.

Mood……………….. thoughtful                            stress levels 30%


Set off for the ground, fans walking down as per usual but not the air of excitement and anticipation that we usually have on match day, its almost like a wake. Meet up with Sawdoctor to discuss the summers plans without football. I am still pushing for the ladies beach volleyball. Get the team news and the youthful bench seems a statement of intent of the future direction of the club with four under contract youngsters. Here Yeovil  have won….road trip another ground off the 92 list, am up to 68.

Mood………………..relaxed                                  stress levels 10%

4pm – 5.45pm

Game time,  I feel strangely detached as its not often a game means so little. Villa bring a large number of noisy fans and at the 19thmin they break into applause in honour of Stilian Petrov accompanied by the majority of Latics fans . Petrov who has announced his retirement from the game due to his battle with cancer reminds us that all that’s happened is  that our team has been relegated. Nothing more.

Mood……………….. detatched                             stress levels 20%


Quietly slip away from the ground, no lap of appreciation for me, never do that and know that the next time I am at the DW will be to see probably a very different team in a  different league which will seem very strange after four years of Bob’s reign. Walk out with a guy who like me goes back to none league days and very much doesn’t buy into the hero worship surrounding Martinez.  Both of us conclude that when we look back dispassionately in years to come the conclusion will be that as a club we haven’t gone forwards under Bob but that the F.A.Cup final will live long in the memory. We both agree that it is time for Martinez to move on but suspect we are still in a minority

Mood……………….. reflective                            stress levels 30%


Match report on, final blog completed. Inform Mrs W who says “is that it for football now for three months ?”

Oh no I reply, there’s a possible new manager, rumours of player departures and signings, actual player departures and new signings, the fixture lists, planning visits to grounds I’ve not been to like Brighton and Bournemouth , pre season, the Europa league draw and plans for a European tour. Football will be here all summer.”

Mrs W’s colour pales significantly, maybe I’ve said the wrong thing?

Wigan Athletic really gets you doesn’t it

Mood ………………….anticipatory          stress levels   zero 

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