So to the Championship

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I know back from my Desert Island again.  Well it was more like the big Smoke, London. Work there is completed, also coincides with Wigan completing their adventure in the Premier League.


Wigan’s now in the Championship, yes we are going to be playing teams like Yeovil (well done against Brentford), Doncaster & Bournemouth.


But do you know what!  I’m kind of looking forward to it.


Am I right in saying like pre Summer of 2005, we are now going to get some proper football!


Football on a Tuesday night & Saturday at 3pm, playing teams we may have a chance of beating, proper football (& not because we might win, but because it’ll be tough, blood & guts, with a little Premier League twist).


Okay I know, ‘Fancy Dan’ stuff of the Premier League was good!


But come on, bet the first Championship match we watch, we’ll experience that sharp intake of breath, at ‘THAT’ kind of tackle, you know the one……..


Bet you mutter under your breath, ‘Missed that’.


& it’s this that I’m looking forward to, FOOTBALL, oh the chance of winning more than 8 games a season, but that’s me being cynical and a little presumptuous.


Anyway I’ll write some more on the Championship and a happy Wigan Fan soon.




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