Critical two week blog day 5

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Lying awake in bed with a line of a song going through my head ( not you don’t get me i’m part of the union) but, “ i’m football crazy, football mad and football has taken away the little bit of sense I had.”

Never a true word sung, this club takes over my life, if we lose I don’t want my tea, I snap at the wife and kids and sulk. On the odd occasion we win, I smile and  i’m pleasant and obliging. Reminds me of the old joke, my dog does somersaults when Latics lose, what does he do when you win? I don’t know I have only had him three years.

Why do we put ourselves through this?

Spend next two hours  working out how many players will stay if we get relegated and its sadly in single figures. Players careers are short and I don’t blame any of them for moving but fans are fans for life and I reckon Golobart, Redmond and Nicholls will be used in the first team next season if we go down.


Mood …………………….contemplative            stress levels 10%


Arrive at work, speak to a couple fo fellow Latics fans, both very down and resigned to relegation. Its out of our hands now. Could do with Newcastle and Norwich losing on Saturday but even so its likely to go down to goal difference making for a nervy Sunday afternoon on the 19th.

Mood………………………down             stress levels  20%


Attend a meeting with the wife of a Barcoder, smug isn’t the word but then again I would be the same if we had won

Mood…………………not chuffed        stress levels 20%


Arrive home, the news that Sir Alex is moving on sparks rumours of Bob moving to Everton to replace Old Trafford bound David Moyes. Debate as to whether Martinez would leave whether we stay up or not takes place with Mrs W. My opinion  is that Bob’s loyalty will make him stay but t eh vast changes to the squad for the new season will make it an impossible task to get us back up at the first time of asking and I reckon he will leave by mutual agreement by Christmas.

Mood………………..Tired              stress levels 20%


Thought turn to Wembley, driving down to Wembley taking son and girlfriend. Daughter on a coach complete with own toilet roll ! Proud of our fan base and I am sure that whatever the result we will give our wholehearted support.

Wigan in an F.A.Cup final is something I never thought I would see when I attended my first game in the FA Cup in the mid 70s against Kiddiminster. I went to every away game in our first P.L season bar one thinking we would eb a one season  wonder but whether we go down or not, we will have done 8 years in the P.L something many other clubs will never come close to.

Mood ………………………….reflective      stress levels 20%



Discussion with Mrs W on what to do if Wigan win the cup final ( aoart from overdosing on smelling salts) thoughts meander to a fancy dress party.

Now Mrs W has a thing about pirates and we have had a pirate themed party and there are photos of Sawdoctor in a long wig to prove it.

Me , as far as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster , a moll on each arm, my gun in a violin case, what more could a red blooded male want. I daren’t ask Sawdoctor as he’s obsessed with fancy dress, trying to get me to go to the final in fancy dress. Sawdoctor joined us at a murder mystery night as a 60’s photographer wearing pink trouser and white shoes. Given that would you want to be seen with him in fancy dress at a football game?

Jury is out but will push for the Gangster theme IF we win.

Mood………………………… Gangsterish                      stress levels 10%

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