Down in all but name

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Down in all but name

And still they can’t see us off, like the proverbial that wouldn’t flush Wigan Athletic are still a Championship side. But in reality it means little as we will surely be heading back to League One.

From seemingly the start of the season, Latics have had chances to capitalise on results around us and start to climb up the table. But we haven’t taken them.

Our inability to string any more than two wins together will probably see us relegated this weekend. The amazing thing is that we still haven’t been relegated yet.

Cardiff presented our last realistic chance of getting out of it, the chance to put some pressure on those sides around us and try to take it to the last two weeks. We didn’t concede any silly goals this time but sadly we lost our creative spark again.


League One
Hello old friend

If a game sums up a season, Cardiff is that game – dominating early on, if we got one goal you would have felt we could go on to get more. Sadly the goal never came, Neil Warnock – Never one to miss a chance to stick the boot in said that it felt as though ‘Wigan were already relegated’. Sadly he’s not far wrong.

So to have a chance of taking it to the last game we need to beat play-off chasing Reading and hope both Birmingham and Blackburn lose. Not happening. Good old Arry Redknapp’s inability to win his first game at Birmingham just managed to prolong the pain.

So as we’ve all written this season off, it’s with that that thoughts turn to next season.

League One shouldn’t hold any fear for Wigan Athletic. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. But we can’t be hampered by the wrong managerial appointment again. David Sharpe and the Whelan family need to take their time and decide on the right man and crucially give him time to get things right.

A club that was for so long in the Premier League was a picture of stability looks like it can’t decide what it wants to be anymore. We need to get some sort of identity back and some sort of stability if we ever want to return to the Championship. Let alone the Premier League.

Gary Caldwell
Happier times

Uwe Rosler was on channel 5’s football league coverage on saturday and said that instability had killed us. He isn’t wrong, he himself was a victim of that instability but has done wonders at a much smaller club up the M55.

He still seems to lead the names linked with the post. If there is any truth in that rumour a lot will depend on how Fleetwood fare on Sunday in their final game of the season and if the expected play-off campaign proves successful.

If it is Uwe, Gary Caldwell or anyone else who has been linked in recent weeks I just hope next season proves a lot more fruitful than this campaign has. A season that promised so much has been one of the most disappointing in recent memory.

Sean Livesey

First published in the Wigan Post, Friday 28th April 2017

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  1. Too many managerial changes in recent seasons. You are quite right: select the right man and stick with him. The Board will also need to be prepared to support the manager I the market, if we are to stand a chance next season in League 1.

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