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There’s always flaws with statistical analysis, and also how you choose to carry out and measure your research.

And so it appears that should you be a former Wigan Athletic player whose surname begins with N, chances are you were a back up keeper or another short stay visitor.

So it’s a very small pool of players we have to pick from this week but RULES ARE RULES as the infamous Danny McMoomins off Twitter would be quick to point out.

We let guest @WeahsCousin go first and due to him being, ahem a few years younger than the rest of us, he goes for what perhaps is the only option, Lee Nicholls. Harsh due to his lack of run of games but sadly we were never in the position to give him that run of games, especially given his record for high profile bloopers. But hey, youth team product and all that….

Ian perhaps controversially throws in a name we perhaps weren’t expecting in the form of dodgy kneed Kevin Nicholls calling him a “clogger”. From memory (and my memory is not what it was admittedly not what it was) he formed a useful centre mid partnership doing Roberto Martinez’s dirty work in Steve Bruce’s very short lived first spell as manager.

And talking of short lived it seems that Rob Newman didn’t impress any of us while he was here despite a decent career behind him at Norwich and Bristol City. Behind him. Those two words again.

Alan kindly let’s Jimmy have Eric Nixon, who was once England let alone Tranmere’s best ever keeper according to a bloke who Jimmy once met in the pub, but for us he was awful.

We briefly mention Mike Newell and Charles N’Zogbia and dismiss them even quicker, in spite of the French Mon’s barely concealed desire to leave. And.of course there’s a trio of fringe players in the form of Carlo Nash, Ian Nolan and Steve Nugent but we tended to agree that none of them had played for long enough to be even considered.

So to the poll, and the bookie’s more or less closed the book on Lee Nicholls before it was even opened. As if he hadn’t suffered enough misfortune when playing in nets for us, he also suffered from the misfortune of having a slightly less common surname beginning with N.

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