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That was the episode that was: Episode 39

The Pie At Night lads are back with their first podcast of the year at Wigan Central, eager to find out what everyone got for Christmas. Which in the case of the returning Dylan appears to be a dose of cholera, firmly trumping Jimmy’s perpetual man-flu.

We talk about our hopes, wishes and fears for the forthcoming year, footballing and otherwise. Mainly hoping that the Tics go up and stay up and for world peace and for people to stop blowing each other up. Not sure which is a more realistic option right now.

Moving on to Latics we cover the last few games and compare the home form versus our more impressive away form. There is some healthy debate and grown-up discussion about what went well and what perhaps could go better with Alan muttering the infamous words “we could do with a Plan B at home” causing Jimmy to fret over internet detractors once more.

There have been suggestions they might fade but after their performance on Boxing Day, we ask are Shrewsbury the real deal? And who should we be more afraid of, them or Blackburn Rovers, who have Bradley Dack, the Lionel Messi of East Lancashire playing for them?

We also discuss (and yes disagree) whether the club is being let down by the number of fans turning up or whether it is the club’s fault that more fans don’t turn up. Oof!

There’s time for some key Christmas statistics (NOT football, eating, drinking and telly obviously) before our 10 questions section (12 in this case) where we get to know Dylan as he’s been away for so long and find out why the Tudor House was briefly stocking lethal Austrian rum.

Part Two begins with the Quality Street being handed round and some suggested New Year’s resolutions for the Latics fraternity.

We then move on to our ever popular/tedious and confusing (delete as applicable) Emporium of S***e competition, where if you believe the polls, voted by YOU, the Wigan Athletic public, then Sheyi Ojo is Wigan Athletic’s worst ever left (or is right?) winger.

Full review and post mortem to follow shortly before we move on to right (or is it left) wingers where we quickly whittle it down to just 4 names. Ok then 5. And if Jeff Peron doesn’t win I’m taking my ball home.

We update our equally shambolic FA Cup competition in advance of the 3rd Round, then we move on to discussing our chances at Bournemouth and indeed, are we bothered? Peterborough in the league after that, which promises to be an interesting affair after they beat us to win the league in September but is quite a critical game with Blackburn facing Shrewsbury on the same day.

We round up with some Bournemouth things mostly centred around a certain weekend 17 years ago. Plus a quick improvised tweet of the week where we reveal what our footballing hills that we’d be prepared to die upon We play out with the tune that rocked the South Coast that fateful day in 2000.

Listen to Episode 39 – Eighty Percent on the player below, or click here to find out how to subscribe.  You might not regret it.

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