What’s a Wigan Birthday Cake?

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Happy Birthday to us!

It nearly slipped our mind but, yes, it was just over a year ago when the Pie At Night podcast first surfaced. Set up by a number of contributors to the Mudhutter fanzine following the demise many years earlier of the Mudhuts podcast, it was never going to emulate that (probably quite wise given some of the content) but simply aimed to provide a fanzine style irreverent look at matters concerning Wigan Athletic and further afield.

We kick off this episode with birthday pies, not cake, which get devoured so quickly that your resident pie expert almost swallows the candle, followed by tweet of the week and a follow up to the “players we nearly signed” feature from last month. How on earth did we out miss lovable Dean Ashton, plus the Everton duo of John Stones and Phil Jagielka?

Getting down to serious business, we talk pain! In a bid to light heartedly dismiss the pain of relegation, we answer the question of “what is the worst pain you’ve ever been in? Essentially, an excuse for a bunch of near middle aged men to discuss their ailments and try (and fail) to elicit some sympathy.

After which comes the real pain of poring over recent results for Wigan Athletic and admitting that the towel has more or less thrown in. We also take an informed look at the likely candidates to be the next Wigan Athletic manager, and boy is that a depressing prospect. Of course, “Unhappy Birthday” by The Smiths represents the ideal tonic for that.

Following the break, we put forward our best and worst Easter eggs before concluding that a bar of Dairy Milk with two pound coins sellotaped to it represents much better value and then we cover the latest chapter of our popular Emporium of S***e feature where we are just about halfway through the alphabet.

We close with some illuminating Rotherham things and an update on the latest Mudhutter (on sale this weekend folks) before thanking our host for the evening, John at the Beer Temple by getting some carry outs and stumbling our way into the night…

You can listen to Episode 22 of the Pie at Night Podcast, ‘Guess Who?’  on your favourite podcast app, on iTunes, our soundcloud page or on the player below.  Enjoy…


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