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There’s always someone worse off than yourselves. A timely adage probably worth bearing in mind during the misery of recent weeks. Two years ago, we weren’t very good but when we went to Blackpool away, we absolutely trounced a truly awful side. There are reasons way too detailed to go into here as to why Blackpool have been in such a mess, and no such problems existed at our club, and hopefully never will.

This season has been dismal from the off but in some senses, compared to Rotherham United, we have had plenty to cheer about. Rotherham have won only 4 games all season, lost 31, conceded 90 [NINETY] goals and scored just 33. I’m sure you don’t need me to prompt you as to who they got one of those wins and 3 of their goals against. Incidentally, we’ve only scored 32 goals this season, one less than them.

So I suppose, what I’m saying is that, once again, there is someone worse than us and we’re not the complete whipping boys of the division. It was much the same when we were in the Premier League, where by rights we should have finished 20th every single season based on the size of our club, yet we overachieved, even by finishing 17th, due to good management. By default, no matter what division we are in, nobody is happy when we are losing, although some fans don’t even seem to be happy when we are winning as we saw last year.

Of course, Rotherham’s tale of woe, similar to ours, seemed to have been that they have burnt through quite a few managers this year. Whereas their recent history is very different to ours, they are also a small town in a division increasingly getting dominated by big city clubs. Yet they have been perennial strugglers, whereas we have undoubtedly been architects of our own downfall.

Even so, free from the shackles of relegation worries, Rotherham might well fancy doing the double over us this season as it could be their last chance to get three points this season. Their players might already be planning to take the family out for a carvery on the Sunday off the back of the win bonus, even more so if they watched the ‘performance’ we mustered on Tuesday night.

There has been an air of resignation around the DW for a number of weeks with most level headed fans accepting our fate without too much waving of cyber pitchforks. The club has got a lot wrong this year and there aren’t necessarily any signs of putting it right just yet.

Nevertheless, who knows, maybe just winning a football match at home on Saturday afternoon might be enough to put a smile on the faces of Wigan Athletic fans once more, at least for a little while.


Article first published in the Wigan Evening Post on Friday 7th April 2017 

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