Euro Trashed

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There’s got to be some perks to this job hobby, right? So it came to pass that The Pie at Night podcast went on the road to the Northern Beer Temple on Wigan Lane for Episode 3 of an as yet undetermined series. An evening of reflection and Euro 2016 previewing was planned until we hatched a further idea. To have our OWN European Championships featuring a selection of beers from around the continent. Yes that would be a good idea wouldn’t it?

Keeping with our tradition of adding twenty minutes to the length of the podcast each time, this episode weighs in at 103 minutes and although, as ever, we had intentions of otherwise it doesn’t deviate too far from the twin topics of football and drinking at any point. We take a look at the conclusion to the season and kick off a new feature titled “The Emporium of Sh**e” looking at those players who didn’t quite cut the mustard and we look at those grounds that we have lost. Then, out comes the beer as we pit the Germans, the Italians, the Danes and the mighty Belgians against each other in a test of alcoholic flavour and strength.

We preview the Euros group by group and then the ale starts to kick in and it all gets a little bit hazy only for us to play out the second half of the tournament where the Home Nations feature prominently and all roads lead to the final. We look at the play off final games and start to ponder what might be in store for the Latics next year before playing out with THE song of the moment.

Disclaimer: this podcast was recorded whilst under the influence of strong continental ales as part of an uncontrolled social experiment. Not only have we let ourselves down, but we’ve let our friends and family down for which we can only apologise.

Finally, we must offer special thanks to John at the Northern Beer Temple for being a fantastic host and for allowing us to sit in his shop and drink his beer for two hours. If you’re the type of person (like us) who likes to seek out the finest ales known to humanity, then you can do worse than pay the Temple a visit, or maybe get in touch and see if John will host a sampling night for you and your mates. Just don’t record it and stick it on the internet, whatever you do.

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