So long…

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So Lita. …

The podcast team hit the road to Manchester once again, broadcasting from a noisy Abel & Heywood. We welcome back ex Latics player John Coyne and talk about what we’ve been getting up to in the close season and at last giving a warm welcome to our new manager. No, he’s not in the pub with us, though he may well be in the pub somewhere.

A bit of misty eyed nostalgia coupled with discussion of Cooky’s sartorial choices and the curious circumstances upon how he arrived here rather than Steve “hair island” McClaren before concluding that we’re very happy to have him.So long…

As for us, well we’re heading to SoLita for a burger eating challenge, whilst trying our best not to use cutlery (some less so then others) which inevitably raises the issue of cutlery once more also reverting to the more refined subject of who we’d invite to a dinner party. As if we’d have a dinner party…us, pretentious? We’ll be naming drinks after ourselves next. Oops.

We also pick up the latest episode of the Emporium of S*** where two grown men fight for the right to throw Paul Scharner – yes Paul Scharner in, plus there’s some scurrilous gossip about the extra curricular activities of Jorg Smeets. We finish with a So Lita debrief and a bit of politics for the way home.

You can listen to Episode 26 of the Pie at Night Podcast, “Working on a building of love”, in all its digital mastery by searching for us on your favourite Podcast app, going to our soundcloud page or listening to us on the player below.


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