Greek Tragedy – Part 5

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A few days later, an early morning and the Ship is coming in to Port.  I’ve just added Match Day 3 to the Forum & whilst sat outside the empty Bar using their Wifi, I’ve added a little background to the game.  Well the main one is after Wigan’s 0-0 draw with Doncaster on Sunday, Wigan have yet to score a goal from open play in 3 attempts.

That’s as you know 270+ minutes of football without the Bag of Air getting in between the sticks, even when the crowd are bellowing for the players to Shoot.

So why it is Strikers, seem to come to Wigan and die.  McKay the latest example, in Scotland he banged them in for peanuts, now he couldn’t ‘Hit a Barn Door in a Canteen’, well of course in Billy’s example, the few scant chances he got!

I have sent a something to Gary this morning, with a very simple message.  Wigan’s Twitter account just sent a message to its fans, about the match with Scunthorpe.  So as I picked it up whilst on line here in Greece, I did have the chance to respond back quickly with that simple message.  Less Tippy Tappy edge of area Football & instead could he ask the players to SHHOOOOOOOT.  Wonder if it’ll have an effect?

Not much today, I’ll try and finish my Greek diary in part 6 tomorrow.


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