Greek Tragedy – Part 6

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So the morning after the night before, and picture this it’s the last night of my Greek Holiday, the big screen at the Bar was showing Celtic start their 1st leg match in their usual exit of the Champions League.

The only way I could find out the latest Wigan score would be that evening’s restaurant’s Wifi, but I’m not one of those Dad’s you’ll recently see on Holiday, their head bowed at the table looking at the phone & ignoring his families conversation. So this evening like all restaurant evenings the phone stayed in the pocket or the wife’s handbag.

So the first I knew was when I returned back to the Resort’s Bar & I was welcomed by some of the friends we’d made proclaiming the good news, ‘Wigan are Leading’.

So once the Wifi kicked in, I went to the ‘Live Score’ App to find out we were 2-0 up, bloody hell, 2 goals and a clean sheet.  Surely something must be wrong, but no as the drinks and conversations flowed.  Wigan eventually ran out 3-0 winners, with the final whistle going just before midnight in Greece.  Wigan soaring, something we’ve not done in a long time to 11th in the League, 11th.

So leaving the Bar at 1am, I still hadn’t had chance to catch up on the game stats, the report and the TNS forum feedback.

The following morning after a 4.4 Earthquake at the resort, I got the chance & what a revelation!  We played well & okay we’ll soon see if it was a poor Scunthorpe team.  But, hey, you can only beat what is in front of you.

Goals from Will Grigg, okay it was a penalty (again), Donervon Daniels and Craig Davies, meant for the first time in almost a year Wigan had won a game by 3 clear goals and kept a clean sheet (Birmingham 4-0 Aug 2014).

So to the end of the Holiday & the end of my Greek Tragedy Blog, in the end ironically enough it ended with a Twist, which I believe they normally they did!


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