How do you solve a problem like Uwe ?

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Just finished reading three books about the beloved game I adore, “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic”  “When The Whistle Blows: The Story of The Footballer’s Battalion in The Great War” & “Knocking Down Walls” by non other Latics Manager Uwe Rosler.

A varied selection you will no doubt agree ( if you have read ’em) I will do a review of the first two at a later date but with all the attention at the moment on the man in charge of my club, well the team matters it seems right & proper I give my pennies worth.

I won’t go into great detail about his autobiography so the following will not be a spoiler, however my thoughts on the Latics manager after reading his book.

After reading the paperback it is painfully obvious that even though he had semi success at Griffin Park Uwe is still learning his trade as a manager.

His other games in charge were with teams in “lesser” leagues abroad and you do wonder if the bigger profile of the league & the players is what is the crux of the problem.

Life did deal him & his family a cruel card but being a manager in the second tier in England the media will always be around and as the cliché goes “the spotlight will always be on him.”

He come s across as a very intelligent thoughtful chap who obviously loves the game but reading between the lines it seems to me that he dropped lucky with the backroom staff he had & he always seems to be an impact manager.

Uwe always managed to turn the fortunes of more that one club around but then for one reason or another, (not always his decision I must stress) he left before the job was done.

That is exactly what has happened at The DW, early reorganization coupled with success then a lull in the proceedings.

Like Martinez before we have an apprentice manager, I have no doubt he will only get better but like all football clubs in whatever league they are in time is of the essence.








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